Author ~ 
Doing The Thing is your personal guidebook to increased freedom, peace of mind and personal power. It was released in 2010 and is helping people change what they want to change in their lives while letting go of the struggle.
More to come...
Healer ~ 
My name is Dana Quade. I'm a licensed massage therapist of 21 years. My specialty has been medical massage-helping people heal from injuries. This work is covered by motor vehicle accident insurance and Labor & Industries / Worker's Comp.
I love to help people with anything from general tension to injury resolution to Do The Thing Healing, which is helping people get closer to who they really are.
I am also a Reiki Master and have most recently become a hospice comfort massage therapist.
I dare to be called a healer because of a special gift...I see the best in you.
I'll be aware of your symptoms of distress and address them. But, instead of letting your symptoms guide my work with you, I let this vision of the best in you (your complete well-being) guide the process of your healing.
Also, instead of encouraging you to become dependent on my work, I will remind you that you have the power to activate your own innate ability for healing. And, I'll guide you toward practical ways to cultivate your own internal healer.
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